Maximising the knowledge and experience of social care leaders in mental health to improve outcomes.

Profile of the Social Care Strategic Network

Promotion of Social Work and Social Care

Is it time to join the Social Care Strategic Network for Mental Health?

 In these challenging times would it help you and your organisation to network closely with other mental health leaders?

Would it be useful to share good practice, discuss how to maximise opportunities arising from policy developments and how to overcome challenges?  

SCSN offers these opportunities at a very low cost – if you attend 2 events in a year the membership will have paid for itself. 

What is the purpose of the Social Care Strategic Network for Mental Health (SCSN)? 

SCSN aims to maximise the knowledge and experience of Social Care Leaders in Mental health to improve outcomes. It has a particular focus on developing and supporting co-produced leadership. 

What is SCSN aiming to achieve? 

  • Promote and develop the role of social care in mental health policy and practice with a particular focus on the contribution of social care in mental health to the social inclusion, self-directed support and recovery agendas.
  • Support mental health social care leaders working in a range of roles for a range of different organisations. Assisting leaders to work with each other to resolve barriers to partnerships across Local Government and the NHS.
    • Act as a focal point for best leadership practice at national, regional and local levels and work with key stakeholders to achieve this.
  • Educate the wider public in the role and responsibility of the social care contribution to modern mental health services.
  • Develop, promote and support co-produced leadership

What does it do?

The network, chaired by BASW CEO Ruth Allen, brings together leaders with responsibility for social care in the delivery of Mental Health Services. Network members are able to support each other and to share good practice.

The network offers a series of seminars and learning events. Recent Events have included;-

  • “Excellence in social work Leadership”
  • “Towards a human rights and empowerment based approach in mental health social care” delivered in partnership with the British Institute of Human Rights.
  • A major conference entitled “Co-produced innovation in mental health social care” was delivered in partnership with the National survivor User Network (NSUN) – A wide range of practical, co-produced examples of good practice from across the country were showcased.
  • After the AMHP leads conference the next event is the annual residential which provides much valued time for reflection in congenial, rural surroundings. It gives members the chance to genuinely form constructive, supportive relationships with professionals from other parts of the country in similar roles and also the opportunity for in-depth, detailed conversations about key issues. The theme this year is “From Surviving to Thriving: Staying Resilient and Professionally Connected in Challenging Times”.

Membership of the network allows members to continue conversations and seek expert ongoing advice through access to a network google group.

Why should I join? 

These are increasingly challenging times for leaders working in mental health social care. Being part of a network can assist you in your day to day work, provide you with invaluable new ideas for overcoming challenges and allow you to be part of a national group that promotes social care and social perspectives in mental health.

 How do I go about Joining? 

Currently there are options for organisational membership and for individual membership. Organisational membership is only£200 per year and this fee entitles up to 6 staff to attend all learning events and seminars free of charge and to attend the conference and the residential at a reduced rate. Individual membership is available for only £50 and this will allow entry to all learning events and seminars and reduced cost entry to the conference and to the residential.

 To join the network please e-mail Sophie at SCSNMH@aol.com . If you would like more information you can e-mail Sophie or phone Ben on 07887 651117 or Phil on 07963045795.

You can follow SCSN on  twitter  @scsnmh or on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/scsnmh/